The new designed Racetiger RC with tip rocker allows super sporty long turns with lots of riding comfort. This fantastic combination is possible due to integration of 3D.Glass Powered by Steel and new sidecuts with matching flex and tip geometry, topped off with the UVO 3D. The UVO creates a significant vibration dampening of the ski. The 3D.Glass construction features fiberglass layers running three dimensionally over the ski instead of the usual horizontal-only webbings. This allows more pop and a more agile edge change and grip. The vMotion3 binding with GripWalk option makes sure the whole power gets transferred from the boot to the ski.

Länge: 170, Radius: 15.6, Sidecut: 119_71_100, Gewicht: 1970 g (ohne Bindung) 2984 g (mit Bindung)
Länge:175, Radius: 16.6, Sidecut: 119_71_100, Gewicht: 2020 g (ohne Bindung) 3034 g (mit Bindung)
Länge:180, Radius: 17.7, Sidecut: 119_71_100, Gewicht: 2110 g (ohne Bindung) 3124 g (mit Bindung)
Rocker: Tip Rocker
Core: Full Sensor Woodcore
Binding: vMotion
Base: P-Tex 2100
Skiing Level: Advanced
Details: vMotion, UVO 3D, 3D.Glass, Full Sensor Woodcore, Powered by Steel, Full Sidewall, Base P-Tex 2100
Technologien: Full Sensor Woodcore, Powered by Steel, Full Sidewall, Base P-Tex 2100
Modell: 2019/20

Das Skiset besteht aus:
Ski 119051 Racetiger RC Red VMotion3
Bindung 6662S1.VA VMotion 11 GW

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